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<h1>Real Choice IPTV Program Details</h1>

Ordinarily, providing this kind of service to your customers requires you to jump through a lot of hoops and can be very expensive. We built RealChoice TV to be affordable and easy to startup. Here are some key points to know when considering RealChoice TV:

Real Choice TV Benefits

  • Low Startup costs allow for a quick ROI.
  • No cost to support. All support calls are handled by us for free.
  • Increase market saturation -studies are showing a 20% increase with TV!
  • Decrease Attrition -The same studies are showing a 20% decrease in customer churn.
  • Customers will be requiring more and more bandwidth as they consume/view with other products whether you offer TV or not.
  • RealChoice TV gives you the opportunity to make money on what they consume as well as the additional bandwidth they’ll require.
  • Your customers get a better “cord cutting” option than anything else out there. (Better content,locals channels, sports and DVR).
  • No expensive head end to install or maintain and we handle all content and retransmission agreements.
  • No customer credit requirements/checks are required
  • No customer subscription contracts are required.

Local Stations and licensing:

  • RealChoice TV will acquire and maintain agreements with the big 4 affiliates in your Designated Market Areas (DMAs).
  • RealChoice TV  maintains content licensing agreements so that you don’t have too.