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Welcome to RealChoice IPTV

We appreciate you considering RealChoice as an IPTV solution for you customers. Unlike other IPTV solutions that can’t provide local channels or local sports or DVR, or that require you to install and maintain expensive head-end equipment, RealChoice TV is a complete solution. We handle all the IPTV legalities, IPTV licensing and IPTV retransmission agreements … and there is no expensive IPTV equipment to install.

Use Your Network

Use your network to generate revenue with IPTV from RealChoice TV. Stream channels your customers want.

No Expensive Head

No expensive IPTV head end to install or maintain and we handle all IPTV content and IPTV retransmission agreements.

Low Start Up Costs

Low IPTV Startup costs allow for a quick ROI. No extra support costs. All support calls are handled by us for free.

IPTV Local Channels

Real Choice has IPTV options that include Local Channels and Sports Channels.

What Your IPTV Customers Want

Program Guide

Continue watching your show while your browse through channels in the program guide for what’s coming up.

Cloud DVR

Record your favorite shows into your cloud based DVR service. If you missed the beginning of your favorite show, just hit REPLAY to start from the beginning.

Premium Channels

Choose from a variety of A La Carte premium packages like HBO, Showtime, Starz/Encore, and Cinemax.

What You Need

Make Customers Sticky

Studies have already shown that if you offer TV along with your Internet package, you could increase market reach by 20% …while decreasing churn by 20%!

RealChoice TV Portal

Subscribing customers is quick and easy with our portal. There are also API’s that will allow communication with your billing platform.

Free End User Tech Support

All TV support calls are handled by us at no additional cost. 24/7/365. So you don’t have to worry about increasing your current call volume or training your staff to be experts on IPTV.

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IPTV Done Right

Complete IPTV solution for your business. Real Choice provides end to end solutions for IPTV Resellers.

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